Best Massage Music Albums

Best Massage Music

With years of massage experience comes years of massage music experience. Earth Element Massage has listened to feedback from all of our clients about every aspect of what we do including the music.  Atmosphere is just as important as a good massage as it is all a part of the relaxing experience.

Dan Gibson’s Solitudes Appalachian Mountain Suite

All seven tracks are filled with sounds of the Appalachian Mountains and are accompanied by beautiful and soothing music that will surely relax your client. Click the Amazon link to hear samples.

David Darling Cello Blue

Hauntingly peaceful and beautiful, you will enjoy hearing this work while you do or recieve massage.  If you want music to guide the speed of your massage strokes, this album is for you. Click the Amazon link to hear samples.

Diane Arkenstone The Healing Spirit

The calming sound of Diane Arkenstone will take you on an enlightened journey deep enough to distract even the most stressed individual. Indulge yourself and your massage clients with this best massage music choice.  Click the Amazon link to hear samples.