Earth Element Massage Review

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Tell everyone about your experience with Earth Element Massage…


    • Joseph Barton DMD

      James not only provides an incredible therapeutic massage but his knowledge of anatomy helps in recover and prevention of injuries. Being a triathlete for the past 30 years I have learned to appreciate healing hands and James has been very instrumental in my healing from both training and injuries. Working in the dental profession and providing care for TMD patients, I have also learned the importance of co-therapy through massage and how beneficial it can be for pain patients.

    • Ty Mitchell

      James continue to listen to you …and take the time to make sure he works those issues out.

  • Karen Demuth

    My husband Carsten and I have been receiving massage therapy from James for over a year. James has the skill, knowledge and insights into the body and stressors that affect it. James not only provides a relaxing ,professional , therapeutic massage,- he is also a true healer. James has helped us to work through several different health issues with his skill.

  • Keith Holden, M.D.

    James is an incredibly talented massage therapist with a very kind heart. He combines multiple therapeutic methods combined with excellent intuition, which has helped my body to heal. James has healing hands and I highly recommend him.

  • Brian A. Martin

    Not all massages are created equal. What makes the massage experience unique with James is his ability to listen, observe and create a personalized plan for your specific needs. In addition to being a top-notch massage therapist, James also has a wealth of health knowledge from stretching techniques to healthier food choices. James has been a huge contributor to improving my quality of life and I am confident he will for you too.

  • Erin Moore, MD FACS

    I have ben a client of James for over 5 years and can attest to his skills and expertise. As a surgeon who’s watched partners suffer from occupationally-related neck and back injuries–some nearly career ending–I am convinced that ongoing massage therapy is essential to stay at peak performance. Life is challenging– James has helped me be ready for it!

  • Tom Steele

    I have been receiving massages from James for over 4 years now. I usually get the soothing therapeutic massage, but after breaking my shoulder, I had several deep tissue massages which helped improve my range of motion. It is very easy to schedule a massage with James, he is always punctual and I always feel amazing after a massage. In addition to his massage skills, he is a kind, caring person with a wicked good sense of humor. You can’t find a better massage therapist than James in Jacksonsville.

  • Sam K.

    James was so professional, his massage was so helpful, I highly recommend him , he listens and provides a great atmosphere, great job James

  • Tieyone Mitchell

    James was very professional, much need massage I should say! I would definitely return and recommend James to others. His workplace was very clean, he’s experienced, knowledgeable, and most of all great atmosphere.